Sudden Strike 3 Arms For Victory

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Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Arms for Victory returns Sudden Strike fans to real-time strategy battlefields of World War II, offering larger game maps and a new focus on joint operations. The basic gameplay and usability is the same as in Sudden Strike II, just with a 3D Engine. The player don’t build a base but has to work with the units he is given at the start of the mission (and regularly replenishment which appear at the map border) to achieve his goals. The focus of the game is on realism, meaning the player has to deal with fog of war and perform tasks like fuel the tanks or use an officer to scout ahead. This results in the need for micro management.
Players will command ground, sea, and air forces simultaneously, to conquer large areas of up to five square miles with coordination and efficiency. The game features five campaigns where the player takes control over varying nations. Historical accuracy, however, doesn’t play a big role. The goals mostly involve the seizing of key positions. The game runs on the Fireglow’s own “Sudden Strike Next7″ engine and is the first in the series to be fully 3D. The interface is simpler than in previous Sudden Strike games, to empower veterans of the series and newcomers alike.


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