Rise of Nations – Thrones & Patriots

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Rise of Nations, nations in a balanced, pleasing graphics, simple interface and other features had hearts. But the single player was a small bit in the air. Conquer the Planet, such as the name suggests, there was a planet to conquer scenario. Ancient times until now, in a time form, a large map of the planet the real wars make arrangements on the Risk-stylishness map on the selected section was carried out with Civilizations and the Age of Empires-stylishness gameplay. Although it may sound so nice, after a small period of continuous fighting in the same way as if it feels like one after the other with a computer and sikilmamiza was causing the random map. Moreover, after the husband as a reward for planet breakdown, even showing a cinematic. The Turks conquered the planet with most of us, except in this case, multiplayer game We were set aside (is not it?). Deep-on, a lovely decorated a single player is a glaring missing Nations’ta Rise.


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