Mass Effect

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Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 3rd Person
Mass Effect – The cult game series from the creators of the legendary series Baldur’s Gate and the famous Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic opens a new chapter in the history of the genre RPG. 2183rd year. Humanity has learned to travel throughout the galaxy at superluminal speeds, and came into contact with extraterrestrial races. At the moment people are trying to find its place in a vast galactic community. You – Captain Shepard, an employee of the Alliance military systems and kapatan ship “Normandie”. You represent the first and last line of defense of humanity in the face of dangers that lurk in the vast galaxy. From your actions and decisions determine the fate of the human race … and the future of the entire galaxy.
In 2148 on Mars were first discovered artifacts of ancient civilization. Soon the earth scientists to fully understand the technology of aliens that has provided a major breakthrough in technological development of our planet – the space and time are obedient man, made possible flights to distant star systems. Mankind came out of his cradle and came into contact with other civilizations of the galaxy … Since the discoveries on Mars has been almost forty years. Alliance systems – dynamically developing interstellar state. The ship “Normandy” – the most advanced starship Alliance goes to his first assignment. Shepard’s your name, you are appointed an officer on the ship. Your journey begins on the Galaxy …


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